Publicaciones SCOPUS

«Experiencia en la implementación de un sistema informático para la gestión de camas hospitalarias»

Camilo Guerrero-Nancuante, Carla Taramasco, Lucy Armstrong-Barea. Medwave 2022 (SCOPUS) (in press)

«Sistema EPIVIGILA en Enfermedades de Notificación Obligatoria: Fortaleza de los datos en vigilancia epidemiológica»

epidemiológica» Carla Taramasco, Carla Rimassa. Revista Cubana de Salud Pública (SCOPUS)

«Assessment of Architecture of the Chilean Epidemiologic Surveillance System for Notifiable Diseases: EPIVIGILA»

Carla Taramasco, Carla Rimassa. JMIR Formative Research (SCOPUS) (in press)

« Epidemiological surveillance in COVID-19 pandemic: EPIVIGILA system»

Carla Taramasco, Carla Rimassa, Johana Acevedo Romo, Adolfo Césped Zavando, Rodrigo Fuentes Bravo, María Elena Lagos Garrido, Rosa Liliana

Figueroa Iturrieta. Medwave 2022;22(5):e2560

«Estimation of life expectancy of patients diagnosed with the most common cancers in the Valparaiso Region»

Carla Taramasco, Katherine Figueroa, Yoslandy Lazo, Jacques Demongeot, ECANCERMEDICALSCIENCE; Volumen 11: 713 (2017) (SCOPUS)

«Smart Homes and Sensors for Surveillance and Preventive Education at Home: Example of Obesity».

J.Demongeot, A.Elena, M.Jelassi, S.Ben Miled, N. Bellamine Ben Saoud, C.Taramasco Information. Volumen 7(3), 50; (SCOPUS).

«Serious games and Personalization of the Therapeutic Education»

J. Demongeot, A. Elena, C. Taramasco, N. Vuillerme. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9102 LNCS PP. 270 – 281 (SCOPUS)

«Serious game as new health telematics tool for patient therapy education: Example of obesity and type 2 diabetes».

Demongeot, J., Elena, A., Taramasco, C., Vuillerme, N. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7910 LNCS PP. 187 – 197 (SCOPUS)

«Dynalets: a new representation of periodic biological signals and spectral data »

Jacques Demongeot, A. Hamie, Antonio Glaria, Carla Taramasco. Advanced Information Networking and Applications Conference, España.

Publicado en IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings. (SCOPUS)

«Information Design of Biological Networks: application to genetic, inmmunologic, metabolic and social Networks»

Jacques Demongeot, Hernan Pempelfort, Jose Manual Martinez, Reinaldo Vallejos, Marta Barria, Carla Taramasco. Advanced Information Networking and Applications Conference, España. Publicado en IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings. (SCOPUS)

«Random Modelling of Contagious(Social and Infectious) Diseases: Examples of Obesity and HIV and Perspectives Using Social Networks».

Jacques Demongeot, Olivier Hansen, Anne-Sophie Jannot, Carla Taramasco. Advanced Information Networking and Applications Conference, Japon. Publicado en IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings. (SCOPUS)

«Cheating to achieve Formal Concept Analysis over a large formal context »

Víctor Codocedo, Carla Taramasco, Hernán Astudillo. Eighth International Conference on Concept Lattices and Their Applications, Francia. Proc. CLA 2011, INRIA Nancy – Grand Est and LORIA, France, 2011, ISBN 978–2-905267-78-8


«Collective intelligence, social networks and propagation of a social disease, obesity »

Carla Taramasco, Jacques Demongeot. Emerging intellegent data and web technologies Conference, Albania.

IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings, doi: 10.1109/EIDWT.2011.21. (SCOPUS)

«Methodological proposal to estimate a Tailored to the Problem Specificity mathematical transformation ».

Antonio Glaría, Carla Taramasco, Jacques Demongeot. Advanced Information Networking and Applications. Conference, Perth, Australia. Publicado en IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings. (SCOPUS)

«Global Strategy of Active Machine Learning for Complex Systems: Embriogenesis Application on Cell Division Detection ».

E. Faure, C. Taramasco, J. Demongeot, L.Duloquin, B.Lombardot, N.Peyrieras and P.Bourgine. Advanced Information Networking and Applications Conference, Perth, Australia. Publicado en IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings. (SCOPUS)

« Modelling medical time. Example of the hospital stay duration in Diagnosis Related Groups Data Bases».

C. Delhumeau, J. Demongeot, C. Langlois and C. Taramasco. ARES CISIS Conference, Japon. Publicado en IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings 955-960. (SCOPUS)

«Defining Security Metrics To Evaluate Electronic Health Records Systems: A Case Study in Chile»

Gaston Marquez, Carla Taramasco, Hernan Astudillo. IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture Companion (ICSA-C),p.p 173-180, 2020, Salvador, Brazil (SCOPUS).