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2010 - 2009 WOS/SCOPUS

2010 – WoS

«Academic team formation as evolving hypergraphs»

Carla Taramasco, Jean Philippe Cointet and Camille Roth.

2010 – SCOPUS

«Methodological proposal to estimate a Tailored to the Problem Specificity mathematical transformation »

Antonio Glaría, Carla Taramasco, Jacques Demongeot. 

2010 – SCOPUS

«Global Strategy of Active Machine Learning for Complex Systems: Embriogenesis Application on Cell Division Detection»

E. Faure, C. Taramasco, J. Demongeot, L.Duloquin, B.Lombardot, N.Peyrieras and P.Bourgine.

2009 – SCOPUS

«Modelling medical time. Example of the hospital stay duration in Diagnosis Related Groups Data Bases»

C. Delhumeau, J. Demongeot, C. Langlois and C. Taramasco.