Compartiendo el conocimiento

2017-2016 WOS/SCOPUS

2017 – WoS

«Implementation of a Smartphone Application in Medical Education: A Randomised Trial (iSTART)»

Martínez Felipe, Tobar Catalina, Taramasco Carla

2017 – WoS

«From Susceptibility to Frailty in social networks. The case of obesity»

Jacques Demongeot, Adrien Elena, Carla Taramasco

2017 – SCOPUS

«Estimation of life expectancy of patients diagnosed with the most common cancers in the Valparaiso Region»

Carla Taramasco, Katherine Figueroa, Yoslandy Lazo, Jacques Demongeot

2016 – WoS

«Discrete dynamics of contagious social diseases: example of obesity»

J. Demongeot, O.Hansen , C. Taramasco

2016 – SCOPUS

«Smart Homes and Sensors for Surveillance and Preventive Education at Home: Example of Obesity»

2016 – WoS

«The anorexic paradox : when the corporeal symptom adresses itself to others »

Dorothée Legrand and Carla Taramasco