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2020 – WoS

«Using Dissemination and Implementation Strategies to Evaluate Requirement Elicitation Guidelines: A Case Study in a Bed Management System»

Gaston Marquez, Carla Taramasco

2020 – WoS

«Application of Machine Learning and Word Embeddings in the Classification of Cancer Diagnosis Using Patient Anamnesis»

Andres Ramos, Hector Allende-Cid, Carla Taramasco, Carlos Becerra, Rosa Figueroa.

2020 – WoS

«A new metaheuristic based on vapor-liquid equilibrium for solving a new patient bed assignment problem»

Carla Taramasco, Broderick Crawford, Enrique Cortes – Toro, Ricardo Soto, Rodrigo Olivares.

2020 – WoS

«An optimized brain-based algorithm for classifying Parkinson’s Disease»

Rodrigo Olivares, Roberto Muñoz, Ricardo Soto, Broderick Crawford, Diego Cárdenas, Aarón Ponce, Carla Taramasco

2020 – WoS

«Security in Telehealth Systems from a Software Engineering Viewpoint: A Systematic Mapping Study»

Gaston Marquez, Hernan Astudillo, Carla Taramasco

2020 – WoS

«System design for emergency alert triggered by falls using convolutional neural networks»

Carla Taramasco, Yoslandy Lazo, Tomás Rodenas, Paola Fuentes,  Felipe Martínez, Jacques Demongeot

2020 – WoS

«From conservative to dissipative non-linear differential systems. An application to the cardio-respiratory regulation»

J. Demongeot, D. Istrate, H. Khlaifi, L. Mégret, C. Taramasco, R. Thomas

2020 – WoS

«A new EEG software that supports emotion recognition by using an autonomous approach»

R. Munoz, R. Olivares , C. Taramasco, R. Villarroel, F. Alonso-Sanchez, E. Merino, V.H.C. de Alburquerque