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2015 - 2014 - 2013 WOS/SCOPUS

2015 – SCOPUS

«Serious games and Personalization of the Therapeutic Education»

J. Demongeot, A. Elena,  C. Taramasco, N. Vuillerme

2014 – WoS

«Evolution of social networks: the example of obesity»

Demongeot, J., Taramasco, C.

2013 – SCOPUS

«Serious game as new health telematics tool for patient therapy education: Example of obesity and type 2 diabetes»

Demongeot, J., Elena, A., Taramasco, C., Vuillerme, N.

2013 – WoS

«Archimedean Copula and Contagion Modeling in Epidemiology»

 Jacques Demongeot, Mohamad Ghassani, Mustapha Rachdi, Idir Ouassou and Carla Taramasco

2013 – SCOPUS

«Dynalets: a new representation of periodic biological signals and spectral data»

Jacques Demongeot, A. Hamie, Antonio Glaria, Carla Taramasco

2013 – WoS

«Information Design of Biological Networks: application to genetic, inmmunologic, metabolic and social Networks»

Jacques Demongeot, Hernan Pempelfort, Jose Manual Martinez, Reinaldo Vallejos, Marta Barria, Carla Taramasco

2013 – WoS

«Random modelling of contagious diseases»

J. Demongeot, O. Hansen, H. Hessami, A.S. Jannot, J. Mintsa, M. Rachdi, C. Taramasco